Donation options

When you make a one-time gift below, you are supporting The Heritage Farm Endowment; become a monthly donor or make an honor or memorial gift.

Our endowment principals are:

1. Conservation of principal

2. Regular income at a reasonable rate

3. Growth of income and principal over and above that necessary to offset inflation

4. Investment of assets in institutions, companies, corporations, or funds, which make a positive contribution toward the realization of the goals outlined by LWCC

5. Diversification of investments

Endowment gifts may be designated for the farm, maintenance, facilities, scholarships, youth, or earmarked for other farm specific use.

To donate by check or cash, send your donation to: The Heritage Farm Foundation, 1919 NE 78th Street, Vancouver, Washington 98665.

While this page is being developed, tax deductible donations can be mailed directly to:

Heritage Farm

1919 NE 78th St

Vancouver, Wa 98665

Upon receipt, our EIN number and receipt may be emailed or returned under return mail.